The challenge

The right to free education is a fundamental right of every child. Over 100 million children in India are unable to study at their grade level because of non-availability of teachers, and lack of infrastructure.

  • Direct Engagement (Our pilot programs)
    •   Enable students to learn Mathematics using free Khan Academy in Hindi using computers (Class 5 to Class 10)
    •   Set up computer labs to teach Mathematics in charitable government aided schools in Uttar Pradesh
    •   Operating 20 computer labs in four UP districts to provide access to 10,000 students every day. We plan to scale to 50 labs for 50,000 students
    •   Share attendance and learning outcome data with school officials
  • Partnered with Global Learning XPRIZE to re-engineer winning apps for scale in India in Hindi, Bangla, and Urdu
  • Engaged with Pratham and Ekal – two largest education NGOs to use the latest digital tools
  • Sponsored two Research Fellowships at IIT Bombay for India specific education research — use Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP), etc.

Promoting STEM education in rural communities

Offering an after-school lab program

While technology closes the gap between underserved students and a quality education, many lack access to it. We set up computer labs across Uttar Pradesh that cater to low-income students, offering afterschool programs that teach them mathematics and physics via Hindi-based Khan Academy courses

Localizing educational apps to the Indian subcontinent

Although over 95% of children in India are enrolled in school, many students face significant learning gaps. We partnered with Elon Musk’s Global Learning XPRIZE to bring award-winning educational apps to India.


Funding IIT Bombay Research Fellowship Grants

Improper burial practices can lead to serious harm to the environment, but there are not nearly enough accessible crematoriums throughout rural India. We are working with vendors to reduce the cost of cremation through technological advancement and identify new, greener cremation methods that are accessible to all local communities.